DesPOT Podcast

Our regular episodes feature a guest being asked the question…

​ “What would YOU do if you were Dictator of America for a day?”

We also publish bonus episodes about current affairs in our beautifully messy democracy

We advocate everyone GET INVOLVED in our democracy. Click HERE to find your representative and reach out to them about issues your care about.

Black Lives Matter

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Hosted By: Quinn Wilson & Jeanette Cerami

Produced By: Quinn Wilson, Jeanette Cerami, & Megan Brasfield

Edited By: Carter Orion

Jeanette Cerami

Jeanette is a comedian and teaching artist out of Los Angeles, CA. She grew her comedy chops training and performing with the Second City Training Center (Severn Darden Graduate Program), iO Chicago (performer and coach), and Annoyance Theater. Since moving to LA in 2018, she's been writing a lot more, and most importantly getting politically active while making people laugh.

Quinn Wilson

Quinn came out of the Chicago stand-up and improvisor having graduated from iO, The Annoyance, and the Second City Conservatory. Wilson performed regularly at CIC, Comedy Sportz, and taught at iO, where he served as the Creative Director of the iO Comedy Network. Since moving to LA in 2019 he has written for Nashville Squares on CMT and engages actively in the political discussions of the city, mostly around homelessness.

Megan Brasfield

Megan is a comedically trained actress, writer and producer. Coming out of the Chicago scene, she was trained at Second City & iO. She performed regularly at The Chicago Comedy Club. She is excited to produce a podcast laced with comedic political discussions.

Carter Orion

Carter is an actor, producer and editor from the Midwest who is finishing up his studies in Film and Television at The University of Arizona. His acting career started at a very young age with “Big Mouth Talent” in Chicago. Carter is very excited to edit a podcast with comedic and political exploration.